About Me

Where I came from.

Grown up in a city of Quebec, Canada call Victoriaville. I early get in touch with Photography during my secondary school. Not knowing what i want to do at this age I went to studie at the Culinary kitchen School. Discoreving Videopgraphy and Video editing during this time I forge a strong interest to computer graphic. In 1995 i bought my second personal computer a pentium 100 Mhz, with a 2 meg video card and a Video input and output compression card.. Building my own blue sceen and testing some visual effect with my friends and doing documentary and movie remake……..

I finally Discover what i want to be in life!!! Have seen “Mars Attack” and be totally crasy about them I read a magazine interview about it. About how amazing it was to give life to a character… Always have been a cartoon addict I finally know what I want to be in life. I want to be a Character Animator.

Where I’m going!

A bit more and more of what I like to do everyday. Lecturing, working on my autorig doing character animation, exploring different un-explored rigging solution, Playing with our Vicon Mocap systems, scripting python everywhere, finfin Maya bug, Unity 3D, my little robot project, travel photography and long exposure shot it all i need to be happy. Oh yes and more Autorig-102, Autorig, auto-rig, auto rig.

Millions Thanks.

Jacques Deschambeault



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  1. Hi, petit Jacques Jr!

    En naviguant sur internet, j’ai trouvé ton site par hasard et j’ai lu avec intéret tout ce qui touche ta présente carriere.

    J’ai agrandi ta belle photo 8 1/2 X 11 et je l’ai mise sur mon piano pour penser à toi.

    Me meilleures pensées via internet s’envolent vers toi.

    Bon cheminement…

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      1. Hi Petit Jacques,

        Mes meilleurs voeux pour ton 36è anniversaire et plein de belles surprises.

        J’espère que ta carrière et tes amours vont bien.


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