Merci. Je te donne plus de nouvelle Bientot! Bien content de …

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Merci. Je te donne plus de nouvelle Bientot!
Bien content de te parler.

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just register with a facebook account and you can download

Pir Motion Sensor
Hi Suresh.
I’m not sure to fully understand the question, but here my best guest.
1. Familiar yourself with PIR following this tutorials. Remember PIR are really sensitive and hard to test when a lots is moving around.
2. Learn thru OTHERS tutorial how to use your GSM modules.
3. Bridge both code and wiring…. im sure it will work.

That should do it.
All the best

All the best.

Camera Sequencer helper
Here you go John!

I did a compile for 2014.
That would be lovely if you can quickly test it but on my side all is fine.

I should warn you that the scripts is primitive and have no fail save in case of users error…
Simply have imagePlane* in the scene and all would be fine.
Follow the video if help needed. A quick feedback will be lovely upon using it?

Once again thanks and waiting some quick news


Tutorial 02
There is no expression in tutorials 2… yes you can use the scripts to add attributes to the controller

Tutorial 02
It’s optional but you may want to impress me j;D