Arduino Controlling a 12v RGB LED

Arduino Controlled a 12V light RGB LED

This post is the RGB version of my previous post. The intend was to use it to control RGB colors from Arduino but also can be used to control up to 3 series of light differently. Depend or your need…

Here the RGB12V code and Fritzing.

Hardware required:

  • DC Barrel Jack Adapter (5.5×2.1mm, center-positive female barrel jack)
  • 3 X 2.2K Ohms Resistor
  • 3 X TIP120 or TIP121 Darlington Transistor
  • Brown Prototyping Board (Row linked)
  • Stackable header …… a lots of…. see later
  • 100~240V AC to 12V DC 600ma Adaptor
  • Red/Black Single core wire
  • 12V LED

Note about the 12v LED RGB Stip:


Looking at the LED Strip above, you will realize that the RGB are consider as GRD and +12V as +. In the below tutorials remember this fact that the RGB wire colors should in fact be BLACK wire… But for the clarity sick of the diagram i use RGB.


Step01              Prepping the prototyping board and others

As we are using a linked row prototyping board some special hole will need to be digged out to stop the flow of electricity throughout the link.

  • Create 3 main hole from side to side of the proto board to hold the DC Barrel Jack Adapter.
  • Then using a pen knike or a drill bit simply break the link in the row identified by a X in the above diagram.
  • Now prepare as cut the Stackable header as follow
    • 3 X 1 by 3
    • 3 X 1 by 2
    • 2 X 1 by 8
  • Now Prep and cut the wire as follow
    • 2 BLACK wire around 3 cm each
    • 2 RED wire around 6 cm each
    • Others RGB wire

Step03              Soldering all the element

  • Now simply solder the DC Barrel Jack Adapter onto the protoBoard… Remember where the Vcc and Grn are located…
  • Then simply solder all the stackable header into position
  • Then solder all resistor onto the board.


Step04              Testing and wrap up!

We are in fact done, but before testing some extra to do

  1. Mount the TIP120 or TIP121 onto theire position
  2. As you can see from the picture above two column are dedicated to each colors… Simply solder the column to share the signal.. Solder correctly else it may not work as expected.
  3. That Setup will allow you to connect 4 setup of LED RGB Stip


Hope everything will work fine for you and this have help you going through… Below a simple RGB LED scripts from Adafruits. Well i may have had some print for debuging purposes.



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