Autorig-102 is a biped body rig and easy facial rigging solution for Maya. Using standard rig feature and more. Autorig-102 is usable as primary and secondary character rig for your production and it’s suited for both hand keyframe and mocap animation. Autorig-102 can be use for any type of biped character animation style from cartoon to realistic and for different medium like (Game engine,  Feature film, Tv Serie and Student Production )  Download Autorig

 autorig facial rigging Maya animation mocap production

Autorig biped main features:

  • Automatic facial rigging setup… Just need paintWeight.
  • Standard FK / IK switching.
  • Shrinkable and Stretchable, Arm and Leg for both FK /
  • Knee and Elbow LOCK IK.
  • IK Arm and Leg Influenced by different body part
  • Anti-swing Arm, neck and Head
  •  Cartoon limb to create a rubber hose effect. (Required extra paintweight)
  • IK / FK Stretchable Spine.
  • No flip systems for IK arm and leg. (Depend on Situation)
  • Finger ctrl thru SDX expression AkA. Preset, and singular finger section selection.

Facial Rigging and Animation features :

  • Easy Control From Character UI + Pose selection and Pose storage.
  • Mask alike Blendshape is there to drive your facial geometry.Blendshape preset can be exaggerated or tune down base on your need.
  • On character Facial UI for quick facial posing.
  • Singular facial control selection.
  • Mocap facial from kinect using FaceShift and / or Brekel systems.

Other Features:

  • Character UI
    If you can’t install or access the Character Picker…. Just download this and install as indicated. Some users reported issue cause by theire windows login name “starting with/or having number in their credential”
  • Animation Tools
  • Pose To Shelf and Selection to Shelf.
  • On screen guidance during rig creation.
  • Quick Facial Rigging Tool.
  • Easy export to game engine like Unity3D
  • Using a custom rig an Autodesk Human IK. Hand keyframe and mocap animation pipeline is possible in both Maya and Motionbuilder in a un-destructive ways. (without loosing paintweight and facial setup.)
  • Incremental save during the Autorig-102 creation process will creating different files at different stage of Autorig-102 for easy retrieval..

Double hierarchy:

The technique is base on the optimization of the joint placement to ensure proper base deformation. From then, autorig duplicate the main structure and create the rig.

  • 1 hierarchy for ctrl (IK and FK setup)
  • 1 hierarchy for binding the Geometry. >>> AND >>> Output To Motion Capture.

With the double hierarchy method you can be sure of:

  • A none destructive environment. 1 rig = many output pipeline (Animation Rig, Mocap rig)
  • Can be export to others platform without loosing paintWeight.

– Can be export to others platform without loosing paintWeight.


  • Download the .zip file and extract it’s content in a folder call jacquesd “If desired”
  • Now inside the folder …\autorig102_project open and edit the file call
  • Change the information to suit your installation path
  • Examples:
      • myPath = (“D:\\jacquesD”)
      • toolName = “autorig102_project”
      • others = “D:\\temp”
  • Remember keep the double \\
  • Now save
  • Open Maya. Copy and Paste the content of into a Python tab of in a python Shelf.
  • Then simply execute the scripts shelf button and enjoy autorig102.


I don’t say My Autorig 102 is perfect. But it the result of my study to create a full functionable rig as easy as possible and delivering all the cool rig features in the simple manner.

  • For my previous autorig “The so say Complex Method” can be download at
  • The base or autorig 102 in a tutorials manner…
  • Python scripts rock.

Know Limitation and to do list:

  • You may not be able to start the UI if nothing is in your scene (Create a new object or select any element in your scene generally fix it!
  • Finalyse help file (95% completed)
  • Add Basic SDK for Facial setup
  • Dual Quanternion skinning does not work well with the stretching factor…

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