Blackboard inconsistency with rubrics grade display.

Dear Blackboard staff and users.

I don’t want to sound dramatic but why so many features of your software are not working…. To many times I stumble with issue that your as a software developer should test. Blackboard is so expensive and where is the quality assurance of your product? You let  users test stuff for you, promising update the next time??? I will not build a model of business base on that logic. As for sure someone will come and do it better than you.

Anyway here a other bugs. For more than 6 month I have been trying to figure out why the blackboard rubrics grading will be displayed wrongly to student. Watch the video it demonstrate the step to identified my bug. Is anyone else on the www having the same bug? I guest so as my colleague have it too. Anyone on the web have found a solution? I cant’ find any,

Download the Video

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