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Maya2011, Maya2014

     jd_fixCameraSequencer is a collection of small tool have been created to help my students with the use of the Camera Sequences in Maya 2011.
Since Maya 2011 the implementation have been implen ted by Autodesk but still fill that the workflow can be better. Event more the workflow from Adobe Premiere to Maya, as well as the playblast function of the camera sequencer are a bit painfull and don’t perform as expected for production use. Hope you will enjoy it. Simply watch the video guide thru.



  1. Follow instruction in the install.txt document


General Help:
Control ImagePlane Display: Will help you to fix all camera mis-setting.

Plate transparency: Set the transparency of the imported image.

Plate Types: Set the type of imported images (“movie”, or “images”)Control

Camera basic setting: Please set Image Resolution inside the Render Settings. This section will help you uniform the setting for all camera connected with the camera sequencer.

Clip Planes: Set as you wish and it will be apply to all cameraFilm

Gates: Change the film gate for proper body camera setting.

frameCount: Display the current frame on screen. Toggle ON / OFF

Playblast Setting for Camera Sequencer: Simply set the destination and desired resolution. The playblast will generate an .avi IYUV codec. The resolution gate, safe action and safe tiles will be activated. In the camera Sequencer, just select the shots you want to playblast. Or just playblast all shots.

Selected Shots: Playblast the selected shots in the Camera Sequencer.

All Shots: Playblast All shots in the Camera Sequencer.

Delete all ImagePlanes: Will delete all imagePlanes attach to camera connected in the Camera Sequencer.

3 Comments on “Camera Sequencer helper

  1. Hello Jacques, I was wondering if you ever updated this hand script for Maya 2013 or 14? I just started using the Sequencer and the playblast resolution bug is still there.



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    1. Here you go John!

      I did a compile for 2014.
      That would be lovely if you can quickly test it but on my side all is fine.

      I should warn you that the scripts is primitive and have no fail save in case of users error…
      Simply have imagePlane* in the scene and all would be fine.
      Follow the video if help needed. A quick feedback will be lovely upon using it?

      Once again thanks and waiting some quick news


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