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     jd Paint tool AKA Greese tool Beta version 1.0.0. This release is my first version of a 2D paint tool within maya. You can use this tool as a 2D animation tool to plan your animation or as a 2D layer FX over a 3D scene. This scripts was built in python language. Run on Windows 32 bit and others 32bit windows operating systems. This version have been compile for Maya2009 and Maya2010. Click appropriate maya version to download and install it on correct platform.

Link to Download: jd_paintTool_quickIntro

This is my First official release as version1.0.0 All previous version was in beta testing. Thank to Wen Hao and Martin For Testing. So Far no major bug The full video Tutorials is coming in a near Future… Have Fun.


1. Rename the extracted folder to jd_paintTool.
2. Copy the folder ‘jd_paintTool’ with his contain inside a sourceable maya scripts folder
3. Open Maya and execute the lines below in a python scripts editor

from jd_paintTool.jd_paintTool import *starter()


  • Alt + L = add Keyframe
  • Onion Skin work after the 1 drawing
  • b+”left mouse button” Scale brush + –
  • Inside Pen Control “Visor doesn’t work” use normal visor will do

This tool is build on using paintFX tool so all tool related to it can be use….”almost”

Can be modified to change the presure and display quality of your drawing.
But you can’t use Paint at depth. If tool get mess up just reset tool….

Can be use to select a different type of brush. By default a basic brush will be apply.

Can be use to modified behaviour of the selected visor selected BRUSH or default brush.

3 Comments on “Paint Tool

  1. Hello, thank’s for all these great tools, i tried using your script however i get this error message: # Error: RuntimeError: Controls must have a layout. No layout found in window : #

    I tried looking upon the video you uploaded but it seems that is no longer online… (jd_paintTool_quickIntro.m4v)


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    1. HAHAH!
      I was updating all my video into a new systems. The video link is back!
      About your problem to play with i can’t be sure but most that i remember you may want to do the step as below.

      1.Create a camera then loadthe scripts and attach the 2D layout to the wishes camera.
      2.Create a base layer if you need a bg…
      3.Create a new layer for character animation

      Tell me how it is and if working, during that time i look into it when back at work.

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  2. Hey finally i got it working, thanks a lot for the instructions and the video, they were very helpful, let me know if i can help with the developement of this tool. I’m not a programmer but as regarding to art, or working videos i can help out :).

    When i tried the 2012 version was working perfectly with maya 2011. Thanks again and i hope you keep developing this tool.

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