Pir Motion Sensor

An others sensor who give us some trouble… But finally it working fine for now. So I did two basic Arduino code to go with the wiring.

  1. myMotionDetector is simply the PIR Motion Sensor printing the value
  2. myMotionDetectorAllDress is more like a burglarAlarm System with (Light, and Audio) …. a python SMS systems should be added

Download my pirMotioniSensor kit. Also compare the Fritzing diagram to the actual photo of the project are different. That mainly due of the fact that the motion sensor Ground and the Data pin are inversed from the diagram to the actual Pir Motion Sensor So both diagram are fine it just depend of your sensor Data Pin!?!




  • Arduino
  • Piezo Buzzer speaker
  • LED
  • Pir Motion Sensor
  • 1 x 10k Ohms resistor     







4 Comments on “Pir Motion Sensor

    1. Hi Suresh.
      I’m not sure to fully understand the question, but here my best guest.
      1. Familiar yourself with PIR following this tutorials. Remember PIR are really sensitive and hard to test when a lots is moving around.
      2. Learn thru OTHERS tutorial how to use your GSM modules.
      3. Bridge both code and wiring…. im sure it will work.

      That should do it.
      All the best

      All the best.

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