SIDM RenderFarm101

Dear Students and Staff.

Here a quick overview of how to use and interact with the renderfarm within SIDM. In the effort to boost up our render Power we are currently expanding the renderFarm into SIDM Lab and FY Studio. If everyone know how to work in a renderfarm /workstation environnement, then…. When all the lab and dedicated Blade will be setup we will reach an approximate capacibity of  2.5 Terahertz on 100 Dedicated blade and workstation.

Workstation auto Login:

The Lab workstation have been set for an automatic login. This automatic login ensured that our renderclient “Workstation” is becoming part of the renderfarm  upon bootup. Some of you may need to quickly log into the workstation to start work, without waiting to log Off from the renderFarm  client…

Here how you should proceed to cancel the auto login.

Windows 7 Cancel Autologin

  1. Power up the workstation
  2. Wait until  the black Windows Logo blink
    (At one point it will dissapear to eventually change to a blue screen)
  3. Hold left keyboard SHIFT key for 2 seconds
    Hold right keyboard SHIFT key for 2 seconds
  4. Simply Log in using your scedential.

Quick introduction to Deadline icon:

  • Deadline Launcher is the main tool box for our renderfarm. PLEASE DON’T CLOSE THE LAUNCHER.
    1.  You can submit job to the Renderfarm
    2. Quickly bring your workstation IN of OUT of the RenderFarm.
    3. Change the renderfarm setting “ONLY POWER USER”
  • Deadline Monitor Is the Main RenderFarm interface
    1. Show render Progress
    2. Send and Edit Rendering job
    3. Monitor the render progress
    4. Communication tool to others RenderFarm User
    5. ETC……
  • Deadline Slave is the agent who bring your workstation IN and OUT of the renderFarm.

How to work on a workstation and dealing with the renderFarm agent:

Upon the first Login into a workstation. The user will quickly realize that Deadline Slave are starting automatically upon your first Login. WHAT TO DO?!? Killing the Launcher isn’t a solution….
Follow the step below to properly close the slave agent.

  1. Close the Deadline Slave Windows
  2. Go to Deadline Launcher (RMB + uncheck Launch Slave at Startup)

That it! Upon ……………………………….thee Deadline Render Slave with a



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