Tank Trail

Here an others Tank trail tutorials. This approuch try to focus on using deformer during the modeling stage so you can use deformer to model and create a rigged solution all at the same time……

1. Determine how many blade you need for the tank trail…? ….. in this case 26…

2. Move geometry (CVs)  far from center of worlds then move pivot back to center of worlds

3. Duplicate and adjust the rotation to fill a full circle


4. Group and duplicated all new duplicated object together… Rename them “trail-geo_grp” or “Left_trailGeo”

5. Create a  circle with enough point to deform correctly the overall shape later. Parent this curve and “trail-geo_grp” or “Left_trailGeo” together to become a new group call “LeftTankTrail_setup”.

6. Using the group created at step 4 ….. Create a wire deformer… And adjust the Dropoff Distance setting.

7. Edit the curve to shape trail as desired

8. Test your setup…. Rotate  the  “trail-geo_grp” or “Left_trailGeo” and notified the rotating effect

9. Translate the circle for a translation effect

10. Place on the tank the tank trail

11. Use Duplicate Special to duplicate your setup for the right side


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